Boutique School Photography



3-4 weeks before shoot

  • Visit the school to determine a location that would serve your students the best. Ideally, a room with at least one window is preferred. 
  • Review and sign contract
  • Gather official rosters 
  • Gather info for school contact the day of the shoot. 

1 week before shoot

  • Parent PDF given to school to be emailed to the parents. This PDF prepares the families for photo day and answers frequently asked questions such as what to wear, how ordering will work, print pricing, and image turn around time.

On the shoot day

  • I will provide all equipment needed. 

Upon the completion of image editing

  • I will send message to the school contact to be forwarded to the students. This message will explain how to access their gallery, ordering, and gallery expiration. 



All ordering is done online. All images are sent in a password protected gallery.  Once orders have been placed, they will be shipped to each parent’s home within 10 business days. 

To view a sample school gallery, please click here and use the password ‘example’

Pricing and Prints

This service does not cost the school anything. I offer a variety of products to fit everyone’s needs. I also donate 10% of my gross to the schools that I photograph!

Prints are shipped directly to the family home. This provides one less thing for teachers and schools to manage as well as eliminates fears from parents or lost or bent photo packages. Orders are only placed AFTER the photoshoot. Each family gets to see their images before committing to an order. 



8 wallets       $6.00

1 5×7            $8.00

1 8×10          $10.00

1 11×14         $20.00

Digital Files

Direct download of high resolution file directly from gallery $20 per file. File will come in a zip file emailed directly to each parent. All digitals of each child can be bundled and purchased for $50. 

Canvas Wraps

10×10   $76.00

11×14    $85.00

16×20   $120..00