Session Information (MORE)

We are going to have a so much fun creating memories that will last a lifetime. After you book a session, you will get an email to read over before your session. To help you muddle through the process, here is a little basic information on what to expect in your session. Everyone has lots of options when it comes to choosing a photographer, and I’m honored you are here to check me out! I do hope you spend some time browsing around and getting a feel for my style.

Booking your session:

To book a session, contact me to discuss time and session type you want or follow the links in session information to reserve your time. Your session retainer must be paid to hold your spot.

The best times of day (and normally the only times I shoot) are early morning, within 90 minutes of sunrise, and late evening, within 2 hours of sunset. I know with kiddos and busy schedules that this can be difficult. We will do our best to work around any issues, but good lighting is so important to a perfect session. To have those beautiful backlit, gorgeous lit photos, it’s worth it to adjust your kiddo’s schedule for this one day!

Once you’ve booked your session, you will be sent a link with more detailed information on what to expect. Please don’t underestimate how important it is to read through this carefully!

Before your session

I need the goods! I want to know all about you so I can really be prepared and plan a session that works for you.  Before the session, we will communicate about your session either on the phone or online.  After you book your session, I will email you a questionnaire to fill out with information about your (and your family members, if applicable) and what you want to get from your session. This information is super important so I ask that you do it right away.

Additionally, I will send out a model release and contract. This protects you and ensures we are on the same page about the session and what to expect. It’s easy, it’s done online and it should help answer any of those questions you never think to ask.


Bring food, drinks, snacks. favorite toys/dolls/blankies along to your
session. The time we spend together isn’t punishiment or meant to be impersonal. I want our sessions to be individualized to you, so please feel free to bring personal and meaningful items.

Is wardrobe stressing you out? Don’t let it!  I have a what to wear guide to help!

Be prepared for kiddos to possibly get dirty, wet, and for hair to fall out of place
from time to time. I promise that we will capture the neat and tidy family photos
at the beginning of your session, and then we will spend the remainder running around,
dancing, exploring, and having fun!

During your session

We will meet up at the location decided and we will have FUN!  I will normally arrive early to the session to check out lighting and find our best spots.  Photo sessions can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the session chosen. Your session will include a variety of posed, then move into shots of everyone interacting and more “artistic” photos.  I will give you some guidance and pointers when we are shooting, but I like things to be very laid back and calm. It’s super important for you to relax and just have fun. Don’t stress about your kids or your hair, or everything being perfect. I have kids. I was a teacher. I know kids and I know that it’s hard to get them to always cooperate. It’s best to not stress and get upset. Let them have fun and express themselves.

The Session is Over… What’s Next?

Galleries are ready typically within 2 weeks of your session and images are sent to you via a private online gallery. Your gallery will stay active for 6 months. You will be able to download your images directly from this gallery as well as order prints.

In the day or two following your session, I will post a few images to social media.  Please feel free to click the ‘share’ tab on the photos to show family and friends, but do not print, edit or screenshot (this includes adding
an instagram filter). If you are opposed to your photos being used on
social media, please let me know. I respect your privacy.


You will be able to order prints directly from your gallery. If you choose to order
prints somewhere else, I recommend I do not recommend printing through
big box stores (Walmart, Target, Sams, Costco, Walgreens, etc.). Their photo printers are
not calibrated for professionally edited photos, and they may botch the color and
qualitiy of your images.

I recommend ordering all photo books, albums, canvases, and photo blocks through
me exclusively. I do no offer recommendations on the consumer grade canvas
companies, as I cannot guarantee their quality, color, or craftsmanship.

I know that ordering canvases and other arrangements can be overwhelming. If you’d like help with orders or would like to see an item in person, please let me know! I’ll be happy to help and show you samples of any of these items.